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SINCE 2013

‘Our philosophy is never to turn anybody away’,

says Young who felt outraged seeing those being neglected by the beauty industry.

At Jennifer Young, there are always solutions for various skin types and all levels of severity of dermatitis, such as eczema, prosati, rash and pigmentation. Three lines - Defiant Beauty, Beyond Beauty and Well Being Beauty - have thereby been introduced to alleviate sensitive skin concerns and take care of every part of the body from head to toes.

Founded in 2013, Jennifer Young - named after its founder and product formulator Jennifer Young - was first developed to deliver specialist skincare for those living with and beyond cancer and now emerged as an all-round skincare brand that gives skincare and well-being support women need and deserve.


Chosen and widely used by NHS hospitals, Jennifer Young has a holistic range of products based on plant essentials and formulated with the highest quality of natural ingredients. 



Jennifer Young, the founder and product formulator, is an experienced scientist, microbiologist, lawyer, nutritionist and court expert witness for occupational health cases. With a background in microbiology and qualifications in aromatherapy, beauty therapy, nutritional therapy and product formulation, her scientific knowledge and well-built reputation drove attention from the NHS medical teams. 


Her journey to creating Jennifer Young started from the time a local hospital in Staffordshire called. When she was first invited to develop skincare products for women living with cancer, her cognition of the side effects of cancer treatments was limited. Thereby she spoke to the cancer patients to delve into their needs, took advice from the nursing staff and spent a lot of time doing R&D. 


Combining her passion for natural skincare and well-being with the dedication to not only alleviating skin concerns but also providing a sense of enjoyment, Jennifer Young was created to deliver specialist skincare. 

Women don't stop being women

when they are diagnosed with cancer,

and everyone deserves to recognise themselves

as they go through and beyond treatment.

- Jennifer Young



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