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Defiant Beauty

As the most minimalist product line across the brand, Defiant Beauty takes care of each part of the body from head to toes and addresses all levels of severity of sensitive skin, which include but are not limited to eczema, psoriasis and rash. 


With product safety and effectiveness as top priorities, Defiant Beauty has accomplished the highest standard of being Clean Beauty products that are safe, non-scented, stimulation-free, carcinogen-free and cruelty-free, with the components kept minimal to reduce risks of skin irritation.

Significant Skin Improvement

Chosen & Widely Used by NHS Hospitals

100% Natural

Produced with the Finest Quality of Natural Ingredients

The Collection

01. Itchy Body Oil  USD 75.00

A gentle multi-tasking oil formulated from a blend of 5 completely natural oils including calendula and a dose of vitamin E that moisturises and reduces skin irritations.


The body oil soothes allergic skin and repairs inflammation, leaving skin feeling hydrated, soothed and revitalised.



- Moisturises & rejuvenates skin

- Alleviates drug allergies

- Soothes red, inflamed & allergic skin

- Concerns delicate skin

- Treats Eczema

02. Skin Renewal Body Oil  USD 85.00

A refreshing and rejuvenating oil designed to moisturise, heal damaged skin, reduce the appearance of scars and prevent signs of premature aging for a healthy and youth-looking complexion. 


Skin is left plump and smooth with enhanced clarity.



- Relieves stretch marks

- Hinders production of Melanin

- Moisturises the skin

- Softens dead skin cells

- Smoothes scars

03. All in One Face Treatment  USD 62.00

A versatile balm designed to provide effective yet gentle skin care solutions for dry, sensitive skin.

As a cleansing balm, moisturiser and face mask, the multi-functional treatment rebuilds skin’s health and immunity through cleansing, hydrating, repairing and nourishing.

Benefits :

- Gently cleanses facial Skin & removes stubborn makeup

- Strengthens skin immunity

- Protects skin from pollutions & bacteria

- Soothes & nourishes dry, sore & sensitive skin

- Perfect for sensitive skin

04. Balance & Repair Face Mist  USD 70.00

A gentle mist designed to instantly hydrate,regulate and calm the skin, and cool down hot flushes.

Coming with a scent of citrus, the facial mist is 100% natural and organic, making it safe for use by all skin types even with fragrance sensitivity. Skin appears hydrated, calmed and smooth.


- Tones & balances skin’s pH level

- Cools down hot flushes

- Refreshes dull skin

- Calms & hydrates sensitive facial skin

- Safe for use with fragrance sensitivity

05. Nourishing Beauty Serum  USD 85.00

A nourishing serum that is light in texture, natural and organic with no artificial fragrance. 

With vitamin E and potent properties, the serum nourishes the skin, regulates excess oil and helps combat signs of premature ageing. Skin is left feeling smooth, revitalised and balanced. 


- Minimises fine lines 

- Improves signs of premature ageing

- Balances skin’s pH level

- Enhances skin immunity

- Safe for use with fragrance sensitivity

06. Corrective Soothing Serum  USD 95.00

A facial essence formulated for skin allergies to even out skin tone for an instant glow and effectively repair sensitive and fragile areas of the skin. 

Rich in anti-ageing ingredients, the serum triggers production of melanin and balances skin’s pH level. Skin appears smooth and rejuvenated with radiance. 


- Repairs & balances skin’s pH level

- Reduces dark circles

- Moisturises dry, itchy skin

- Soothes inflamed skin

- Perfect for sensitive skin

07. Shea Butter  USD 58.00

Great for softening, hydrating and calming the skin, shea butter helps strengthen skin barrier, prevent water loss and relieve sensitive skin and redness. 

Also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it promotes wound healing, delays skin ageing and combats visible signs of ageing such as fine lines. 


- Moisturises skin

- Protects skin from UV damage

- Reduces fine lines

- Relieves sensitive & itchy skin

- Speeds up wound healing








08. Healing Hand Balm  USD 62.00

A nourishing hand balm formulated with 9 natural ingredients possessing potent anti-ageing properties.

With a lightweight texture, the balm can easily be absorbed to soothe sore, flaky and extremely dry skin, restoring the natural softness and smoothness of hands. 


- Hydrates & moisturises dry, sensitive hands

- Improves inflamed hands

- Soothes roughness, dryness, itchiness & soreness 

- Balances skin’s pH level

- Reduces dead skin

09. Healing Foot Balm  USD 62.00

A comprehensive care for feet with weak skin resistance, from intensive hydrating to external protection.  

Tailored for the needs of sensitive skin, the foot balm nourishes, repairs and soothes dryness, soreness and peeling skin problems. 


- Nourishes dry, itching, cracked & sore foot

- Soothes peeling skin problems

- Intensely hydrates & moisturises dry, rough, sensitive skin

- Smoothes Heels

- Can be used as both moisturiser & foot mask

10. Nail Protective Mask  USD 55.00

A comprehensive nail care product tailor-made for fragile nails, delicately fragranced and blended with organic and natural essential oils. 

With anti-aging and antibacterial properties, the mask soothes and moisturises from the nail bed, thoroughly improving the health condition of nails.


- Strengthens from nail bed

- Moisturises & repairs nails

- Soothes nail soreness & inflammation

- Balances skin’s pH level

- Anti-inflammatory & antibacterial

- Improves nail metabolism

11. Nail Rescue Oil  USD 55.00

A fragrance-free nail oil formulated with natural organic ingredients, including peaches, macadamia oil and an appropriate amount of vitamin E.  

The nail oil gently moisturises and repairs damaged, brittle, cracked nails and rigid cuticles, providing extra nourishment for a significantly improved condition and appearance.


- Moisturises & heals nails

- Repairs & balances the skin on fingers

- Strengthens weakened nails

- Suitable for nails of all sensitive levels

- Promising improvements

12. Lip Treatment  USD 27.00

A nourishing treatment formulated with a blend of 5 natural and organic ingredients, including pure sweet almond oil, highly hydrating beeswax and nourishing cocoa butter etc. 

Tailored for the needs of damaged and sensitive lips, it helps repair, moisturise and heal inflamed, dry, sore, chapped lips and restore softness. 


- Prolonged hydrating effect

- Moisturises dry, red, swelling & chapped lips

- Calms sensitive, itchy, sore lips

- Reduces inflammation on lips

- Restores natural softness

13. Balance & Repair Body Mist  USD 70.00

A soothing body mist with the natural fragrance and calming features of Citrus Aurantium that eases inflammation, redness and discomfort caused by drug allergies. 

Being 100% natural and antibacterial, the mist provides hydration and restores the balance of the skin. Skin if left feeling refreshed with enhanced vitality.


- Cools down hot flushes

- Soothes skin discomfort & inflammation

- Balances skin’s pH level

- Calms & hydrates sensitive skin

- Safe for sensitive skin

14. Rejuvenating Body Balm  USD 68.00

A revitalising balm formulated with a natural and organic blend of 7 ingredients to relieve the irritating conditions of moderate to highly sensitive skin.  

With strong healing effects, the balm helps smooth scars, relieve itchy, sensitive areas and restore the natural softness of the skin for a healthy complexion with emerging radiance.


- Smooths & comforts scars

- Soothes redness & inflamed, itchy skin

- Reduces Skin Peeling

- Softens roughness on flaky skin

- Nourishes very dry, sore skin

08 & 09






15. Beauty Sleep Pillow Spray

A spray lightly fragranced with lavender to calm the skin and relax the mind for well-being inside and out.


- Moisturises dry, sensitive skin

- Relaxes & calms the mind

- Easily absorbed into the skin

- Penetrates dry areas in an instance

- Safe for all skin types

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