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Well Being Beauty

Well Being Beauty provides all-round care with a holistic range of face and body products, delivering the very best in beauty inside and out.


As its name suggests, it’s all about one’s physical and mental well-being, taking Jennifer Young’s philosophy further in everyday life - through products they can use at home, through therapies treated by spa therapists, beauticians, aestheticians and healthcare practitioners.

All-round Care

From Head to Toes

The Best in Beauty

Inside & Out

The Collection

01. Rest & Calm Face Hydro Mist  USD 70.00

An aromatic, multi-tasking mist designed for fatigued skin caused by combined lifestyle- and stress-related factors. 

The soothing mist renews fragile, sensitive and irritated skin for a refreshing complexion and emerging radiance. 


- Soothes damaged, fragile, sensitive or irritated skin

- Brightens dull & fatigued skin

- Reduces redness & itchiness

02. Holistic Youthful Body Mist  USD 70.00

A revitalising body mist formulated for burnt skin, rash, itchy dry skin and hyperpigmentation. 

Creating a peaceful state of mind for the mind and body, the mist cleanses the skin, relieves allergies and soothes stress, making it ideal for use during meditation or yoga.   


- Antioxidative & anti-inflammatory

- Hydrates skin d evens skin tone

- Calms skin burns, dry delicate skin

- Purifies skin

- Soothes skin irritations

03. Harmonic Body Repair Oil  USD 85.00

A calming body oil for the fatigued skin and mind that defends against free radicals and UV damage, and promotes cell regeneration and collagen production for anti-ageing. 

High-performing and come with 9 unique scents - the oil is designed for both physical and mental well-being with the skin left feeling smooth, strong and resilient. 


- Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidative

- Suppresses the formation of free radicals

- Inhibits the synthesis of skin melanin pigments

- Moisturises skin & brightens skin

- Soothes sunburns and other skin burns

04. Awakening Essential Cleansing Oil  USD 82.00

Perfect for all skin types, this gentle cleansing oil cleanses the skin and removes traces of make-ups. Featuring various anti-inflammatory properties, such as sunflower extract, grapeseed extract and neroli extract, it repairs and strengthens skin barrier to defend against free radicals.

The combination of essentials not only moisturises and enhances skin’s elasticity, but it also promotes the growth of healthy skin cells. Skin is left feeling significantly cleansed, hydrated and energised.


- Cleanses the skin & removes makeup

- Moisturises & nourishes the skin

- Prevents the formation of fine lines

- Comes with anti-inflammatory properties

- Strengthens skin immunity

Promotes collagen production for anti-ageing





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