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Beyond Beauty

While Defiant Beauty caters to the needs of those being treated for, living with or recovering from cancer, Beyond Beauty delivers the equally gentle care with a sophisticated uplift in the quality of life.


Primarily covering facial care, Beyond Beauty takes care of various skin types and concerns particular physical and mental health for a rejuvenated complexion.

For a Sophisticated Uplift

in the Quality of Life

Facial Care

For All Skin Types

The Collection

01. Well-Rounded Intense Treatment  USD 110.00

Makeup removal, face balm, facial massage mask - all purposes in 1. 

A natural treatment formulated with nutrient-dense and high-performing plant oils to draw out micro-dust and impurities from pores, revitalising tired skin with its brightening and antioxidative qualities to tribute a thriving and healthier skin look. 


- Cleanses pores

- Dissolves dirt, makeup & sunscreen

- Retains skin moisture

- Smooths away dullness, dryness & emerging lines

- Serves multiple purposes as a cleansing balm, moisturising face balm & intensive face mask

02. Soothe & Antioxidant Facial Mist  USD 73.00

An energising facial mist with outperforming antioxidant and hydration properties that reduces hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging, rejuvenating dry, tired skin with a cloud of moisture. 

Skin appears visibly smoother, rejuvenated and lifted.


- Prevents hyperpigmentation

- Delays skin aging with high-performing antioxidants

- Hydrates skin

- Energises skin for a radiant look

03. Antioxidant Resurfacing Face Serum  USD 95.00

A vitalising face serum with powerful antioxidant properties that are 50 times and 20 times that of vitamin E and C, respectively, inhibiting the formation of pigmentation and the visible signs of spots and amyloid.


Also anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory - the serum reduces skin inflammation, redness and rash, and restructures skin barrier to create a radiant look of new clarity.


- Reduces hyperpigmentation with high-performing antioxidants

- Soothes inflamed skin, redness & rash

- Brightens skin & evens skin tone

- Protects skin against UV rays & pollutants

- Inhibits acute dermatitis, skin flares, eczema, etc.

04. Therapeutic Face Serum with Lavender  USD 95.00

A therapeutic facial serum oil that detoxes pores, regulates excess oil and delivers healing, anti-inflammation and pain relief at once to effectively address skin issues. 

With antioxidant and antiradical agents that help inhibit lipid oxidation and promote collagen synthesis, skin is left feeling freshly replenished and nourished with enhanced immunity.


- Regulates excess oil & balances skin sebum

- Reduces the growth & retention of bacteria on the skin

- Inhibits chronic dermatitis & eczema skin

- Speeds up wound healing

- Promotes collagen synthesis





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